All About Storage Racking

Warehouses are designed to contain large amounts of products for short or long-term storage. They are necessary in businesses that need to keep a substantial inventory to make sure that they meet customer demand. warehouse racking systems are built to meet this need.

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Pallets made of wood, plastic, and metal are used in tandem with multi-level shelves. The racks are usually tall with a height of more than 10 feet. They come in various widths and heights, often adjustable to suit the objects they are intended to contain. Forklifts are used due to their load capacity, efficiency, reach, and ability to navigate narrow spaces. Below are some of the different racking systems:

Selective Racks

This is the most popular kind of system because of its simplicity and efficiency. Access is provided through the aisles. Forklifts will have to enter the right aisle and turn left or right to get the item that they want. These aisles can be of any width. Sometimes they can be extremely narrow so they require special types of forklifts to get into the space. In a rolled formed configuration, the horizontal load beams are kept there by mounting clips. This is best for applications where the shelves need height adjustment from time to time. In a structural configuration, the load beams are attached through bolts to give them a higher capacity.

Flow Racks

These also go by the name gravity racks because the objects are loaded up top and retrieved down low. In essence, the goods flow down one level at a time until it is their time to be picked up by the trucks. This system necessitates a first in, first out retrieval. One of the best advantages of using this system is that there is no need to reposition anything manual. The upper items just go where they need to be once the lowest item is gone. Forklifts will have an easier and fast time getting objects since they always pick up from the bottom. Speed controllers manage movement. Electricity is not necessary since gravity helps things along.

Push Back Racking Systems

Whereas flow racks go from top to bottom, in type of racking system goes from front to back as the name implies. This is a good solution if you need to store long items that span several pallets. This is best for non-perishable materials since it uses a last in, first out system. Those loaded first may have to wait a while before they can be retrieved. This should not be an issue since this system is typically used to store motorcycles, cars, and the like. Inclined rails and double lanes. make it easier to get the items.

Drive-in and Drive-through Racks

Lastly, we have the drive-in racking system that is great for high density storage. It also uses the last in, first out retrieval process. Forklifts can move into the bay to go up or down, wherever the items they need are. They are made of steel beams for strength and resilience. Once they are down, they will go back down and exit where they entered.